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Welcome to VespaDirect! Many of the things you'll find here are simply things and websites that I use myself on a fairly regular basis, and find them useful ... and want to have a single handy place to access all of them from multiple locations, but I'm sure some of these will be useful to other folks as well, so please enjoy.

This is probably not going to be refreshed daily ... or anything like it ... but I will attempt to provide extra bits and pieces whenever I get the opportunity. So, please, for the moment, consider all of this a work in progress!

Techie Things
  • Windows Developer Things ~ The place to find all the latest and greatest bits and bobs from MS.
  • Perl ~ Everything you need to know about Perl, including links to source code, latest installs, and Perl for Windows etc, etc.
  • Security Tracker ~ Keep yourself up to date with the latest scams, virus info', exploits etc, etc.
  • Apache - ie. the web server, not the Red Indians!
  • Google Groups ~ If I can't find it anywhere else, then this is my first place of last resort!

Money Things
  • Moneyworld, UK ~ This is actually quite a decent site, once you figure out how to navigate through the maze of ad's etc. Loads of relevant UK related money management info.
  • Financial Times, UK ~ Another really handy source of money info' where I frequently head when in search of some answers.
What use is my web-pulpit if I'm not shouting about something ... So, in my little Money-Things box here, I'll take the opportunity to NOT provide a link to Abbey National - who I consider to be the worst bank in the UK (particularly the Abbey National Regent Street branch in Swindon, and the Business Banking center in Glasgow). Abbey National, you are useless, arrogant and undeserving of my (or anyone else's) business.

Shopping Things
  • Amazon.com ~ Whether you actually intend to buy from Amazon or not, it's still an excellent place to read product reviews etc ... before buying it somewhere else.
  • JD Williams ~ The JD Williams catalogue is also a really handy store for almost anything (or at least anything I usually need!).
News Things
  • CNN News ~ Probably a bit more left than right, but anyone that bashes Bush for me gets my vote, but there's a fairly good range of opinion and news items always
  • BBC, UK ~ The one and only BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation)
  • The Daily Telegraph ~ The online edition of the Daily Telegraph is excellent. However, when will they learn that people can't stand pop-up ad's, and other pop-up-type things!

Sports Things
  • BBC Sports ~ All the latest sports info, including latest results on a Saturday afternoon!!
  • Yahoo UK Sports ~ Another excellent source of all-things sports related.
  • Actually, one might think that I'm not really into sports that much, but that's far from the truth ... It's really just that I can find pretty much all I need to know from the couple of sites above. Try them .. you'll enjoy.

    Book Things
    • Books at The Guardian ~ Always something new here. If you like books, like I do, you'll enjoy browsing here.
    • Bublos ~ Handy site to compare book prices. Compares books for UK and also US and Canada.
    • Washington Post ~ The books section of the Washington Post is another good read!

    Work in progress ... more soon ... stay tuned!

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